gonna party like it’s duanwu festival . . . just kidding

Here’s a fun story.

The Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, is coming up. . . . My mom suggested I research the holiday last week to tell you about, but apart from telling me it involved boat races in long boats that looked like dragons, I was once again left with the instructions to look it up myself and report to you guys.

She told me it was on 4 April, but as it turns out that is just her crude way of saying “fourth day of the fourth month,” which apparently isn’t even the case. HAHAHA. Apparently also known as the Double Fifth, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month on, naturally, the lunar calendar. (Incidentally, the fourth of the fourth is a different holiday — a Taiwanese one — celebrating children. I’m sure you’ll hear about it next year.)

Anyway, after I clarified just now that the Duanwu Festival (as it’s known in Mandarin) is actually the Double Fifth, we realized it’s a bit premature to start yapping about it now, since it isn’t until 25 MAY. (“Oh, I can’t keep my Chinese holidays straight,” she says. “I’ve lived here too long.”)

Thanks, Mom. Now I can go get ready to go to my other job. 😉

Rest assured, though, that I’ll be back with timely Duanwu Festival information in May.