friendly competition

I’ve recently decided that a way to amp up the fun factor is not only through me telling stories about my wacky family — but also to get you involved, too.

So we’re introducing new Mei Shung contests. I have to admit, I did get the idea from my other boss, who runs tons of random contests on a very regular basis, and it does keep things really fresh and interesting, not to mention entertaining.

So, here’s our first and most permanent contest — the Facebook Likes Mei Shung Contest. This will go on indefinitely, as it’s part of my job here to get our web presence far more established.

For every 50 “likes” we get for the Facebook page, we will do a random drawing for a lucky “liker” to win a free $15 gift certificate to our restaurant. I monitor the page very regularly, so the more you share, the more quickly you will get the chance to win!

(On that note, we’re also introducing social media coupons to thank you for sharing the love on FB and Foursquare, by checking in, so make sure you do that when you come by!)

Fine print for all contests: Family and employees/affiliates of Mei Shung are not eligible, nor are previous winners of the same contest. Please also read following contest rules.

We’ve already had our first drawing just yesterday. I think it might be kind of cool to create a page for our hall of winners . . . what do you think? I just created a contests page (look up!).

A second contest, inspired by my best friend who had a particularly amusing fortune from a cookie, is the Funniest Fortunes Contest. Next time you open up a fortune cookie and you find something entertaining, upload it to our Facebook page! Winners will be determined by fan votes . . . I’ll upload them to the contest page on this blog too where you can also vote.

IMPORTANT! Contest rules (don’t say I didn’t warn ya): Obviously, to vote on the FB page, you have to “like” us. To vote on the blog, you must follow the blog, like us on FB, and/or follow us on Twitter (@MeiShung). Just to make it more interesting, the more of those things you do, the more weight your vote carries — for instance, if “Joe” likes us on Facebook, follows us on Twitter, and officially follows the blog (scroll to the bottom of the page to do so), his one vote counts for three. But if “Sam” votes and only follows us on Twitter, that vote only counts as one. Got it?! Also, in order to check that you’ve done all that, I need your name attached to your comment(s), so anonymous votes are automatically disqualified.

The Funniest Fortunes Contest will run for six months, with a winner announced per month. Which means you are eligible to win between April 2012 and October 2012. We’ll announce the winner on the last day of each month, and the winner will get a free dine-in lunch special of their choosing on a weekday.

Good luck! Any questions? Leave a comment below, or ask me on Facebook.