(dad story) interior design is for girls

I arrived at the restaurant tonight (for the third night in two weeks — the first couple times were to help paint the walls and doors) and my dad sees me, and again, because of his uncanny TOTAL lack of Sherlock Holmes skills, asks, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s nine PM. Think about it for a minute — why would I be here right now?” (Though I personally have adapted Latin hours for my own meal times, I would have to say most of our customers have not.)

“I have no idea. What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to help put up the wallpaper lining.

“Put up wallpaper lining?! Who has the time or energy to help YOU put up wallpaper lining! Don’t you have anything better to do!”

. . . and this is why my dad’s not the boss around here.

(Not my dad. But a similar likeness! From bitly.com/SZeBHk)


(announcements) secret’s out launch party & restaurant makeover

It was a long, long weekend of sleeplessness and manual labor: After hours on Sunday night, the boyfriend and I showed up, dressed in “junk clothes,” to help my parents begin the visual transformation from the old, blah Mei Shung into something we hope you will all find much more visually appealing.

Turns out the restaurant, small as it may seem, is actually pretty big. I didn’t get my sweet rendezvous with the Sandman till four in the morning, and after peeling myself off the sheets the next day, immediately found my way back to Mei Shung to continue the job.

Moose and Anthony christening the old blue-grey walls with strokes of “zen” green 🙂

It was over-ambitious to expect the makeover to take place in 24 hours. Not only did we have to paint, but we have other additions to work on over time (which includes new dish ware and artwork), so in the interim, please “pardon our dust”:

What do you think of our new colors?

Once we’ve gotten a little more of our makeover underway (there will be another long night next weekend, I’m sure), I’ll post an article on the before & after — not that we’d like to dwell on the past, but it’s always fun to see how far you’ve come!

Now, for the other exciting bit of news . . . that Secret’s Out launch party I mentioned last time? If you’re keen on tasting the best and most authentic cuisine we’ve got to offer, tickets are on sale now so don’t forget to snag yours:

Secret’s Out All-You-Can-Taste Launch Party:
Thursday, 8 November 2012
Adult tickets $20 (includes tip) in advance, $25 at the door.
Children 12 and under $10.
Food bloggers/press enter for free.
Call us at 773/728.5778 to get on our list now. See our official event on Facebook!

What do you think of our new colors? Leave a comment below!