blissfully unaware

my sister, always to the point

Remember Justin Halpern’s famous tweets & resulting memoirs, $#*! My Dad Says? I read the book a while back, and the whole reason why I picked it up during that trip to Barnes & Noble was because I could relate. My dad is full of the random, and I knew when I started this blog that he would be a tremendous source of laughs. I started our “dad stories” series back in December with tales about his boots and his inability to accept Christmas presents (or gifts of any sort, really), but I think my sister’s one Facebook status from yesterday trumped any long-winded story I have ever written you, so look out for brief “tweet”-like posts in the future, borrowed from either of us for your entertainment. Without further ado, here is what she said:

“My dad wore a ‘Happy Halloween’ sweater on Easter.”

The morning after she posted this, she had 20 likes.