love for mother earth

Commit to being green.

Earth Day is today. I never forget this day, because — and don’t laugh at me even though this was 14 years ago — it’s the anniversary of my breakup with my first-ever boyfriend. Bahaha.

Anyway, luckily, caring for our planet is far more important to me than that teenage tryst is today. I’m sure that you’ve already got a stance for or against environmentalism, and I’m not here to lecture you.

But I’d like to throw this suggestion into the wind: No doubt, we’ve all noticed the change in weather patterns of late (warmest Chicago winter ever, anyone?), and whether we’d like to take responsibility for such obvious global trends or not, ask yourself what harm can it do for us to just be a bit more conscious of our decisions?

A lot of times being more environmentally aware asks us to make the slightly more inconvenient choice — to surrender our time to the bus or train schedules, for instance, or to throw our refuse away in a different bin that’s not in an obvious place.

But whether you believe in our carbon footprints affecting everyone on Earth or not in the long run, think about the legacy we are leaving as the current generation of man on this planet — if it’s true, if we’re running a planetary “credit card” and maxing it out to the expenditures of 1.5 Earths, and we’re destroying our home, is that really what we want to take part in?

Granted, changing our lifestyles isn’t always easy. Sometimes it takes all my energy just to convince my own parents to use a cloth napkin or towel instead — but if we want to make sure we have a healthy and sustainable environment for the future inhabitants of Earth, be it our children and grandchildren or our friends’ children and grandchildren or our fellow creatures of the forest, it starts with a little consciousness.

I encourage you to join the 4YG movement, something I committed myself to last year at a personal development seminar — watch this short and inspiring video on Youtube and join me. It’s also part of this blog linked up in the pages (Get Moving).

Seriousness aside, take a look at this very innovative solution to a rainy day — a very “reuse and recycle” one, at that! It made me smile.

Have you seen the film? It's good! ...Image taken from

I’ve been trying to convince the ’rents to invest in more sustainable packaging for the restaurant — rather than plastic and Styrofoam — but, in the words of the Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” So if you guys think this would be an important way to shape our restaurant — speak up!