Welcome to the Mei Shung Contests page! Here’s all the 411 on our current contests, where you can read terms, rules, and even vote!

Fine print: Mei Shung family and employees/affiliates are not eligible.


Facebook Likes Mei Shung. At every 50 Facebook “Likes” we receive, we do a random drawing for a lucky guest to win a $15 Mei Shung gift certificate. The more Likes we have, the more often we draw!


Funniest Fortunes. Open a cookie and find a hilariously nonsensical or simply awesome fortune? Upload it to Facebook and I’ll add it to this page, where fans can vote for your fortune. Runs April 2012-October 2012. One winner at the end of each month. Winner receives free dine-in lunch special on the weekday of his/her choice.

To vote, “like” the fortune you want to vote for on Facebook, OR follow this blog (at the bottom of blog homepage)/follow us on Twitter @MeiShung/like us on Facebook — the more you do, the more weight your vote carries (e.g., doing all three counts as 3 votes), and comment on this page with the number of the fortune you’re voting for. Include your name for verification purposes — anonymous votes will be automatically disqualified.


Foursquare Mayorship Contest: Steal my mayorship on Foursquare! Do so, and get a free onion cake appetizer. Contest ends 31 December, 2012.

Hello New Dish Contest: Come in to Mei Shung through November 2012 (extended!), order something you have never tried before off our menu (perhaps off our upcoming Super Secret Authentic Taiwanese menu), and write us a short review covering:

-what you ordered & what was in it

-comparison to what you normally order

-how you liked it

We have TONS of stuff to choose from, even if you’re not adventurous enough to try something you can’t pronounce. ;) Extra credit points to those who include photos!

Entries will be posted to our Facebook page as well as the blog for a voting contest — the review with the most “likes” will win a Hello Kitty tumbler!

Contest ends Sunday, 30 September at 11.59pm. (This gives you about two hours after we close!)


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