happy new year 2014!

I know . . . I know. No more radio silence! I promise we have some toasty specials for you this Chinese New Year . . . the weather’s unforgiving, but you won’t regret it. Good food solves everything. 🙂

From 30 January until 2 February (ahem, I know that’s tomorrow), we’ve got some brand spankin’ new specials to ring in the lunar new year. Check ’em out!

Mei Shung's Chinese New Year 2014 specials menu


never too late for well wishes

I admit this could have been posted, like, this morning, but I’m still getting a handle on this timing thing (it’s a resolution). Happy lunar new year! I hope you took advantage of our sweet Chinese New Year specials this weekend. As Chicago Restaurant Week 2013 wraps up, as well, I hope you have enjoyed some real fine dining! (We didn’t do Restaurant Week at Mei Shung this year, as I feel it would have just confused my mom. ;))

the lunar new year is coming . . .

Hey, folks!

Chinese New Year this year is 10 February — and we’ve got a great special for it running from 8-10 Feb! If you’re down for celebrating with us or taking advantage of this new year menu, give us a call at 773/728.5778 and make a reservation! This is one of our most popular annual traditions, so get your seat while you can. 🙂

Chinese New Year 2013


Thanks for reading and see you soon!