goodwill & some general housekeeping

Here at Mei Shung, we’d like to wish you, during the interim, happy holidays!

All the critters of the Hsieh household (incidentally, all mine -- this is what I'm doing when I'm not at the restaurant)

All the critters of the Hsieh household (incidentally, all mine — this is what I’m doing when I’m not at the restaurant)

If you follow us on Facebook (and you should!), you will have seen that, due to popular demand, we were open for a half-day on Christmas Eve last week — never been done before on a Monday (notoriously the only day my folks have the day off)!

Clearly, I’ve taken too many days off of blogging for you guys, and I’m working on a more regular schedule for you from now on, so . . .

I actually have NO idea what this is about, but I felt it strangely appropriate somehow. From

I actually have NO idea what this is about, but I felt it strangely appropriate somehow. From

We’re staying open for you again this New Year’s Eve, so if you’d like to join us for some good eats prior to getting your 2013 celebrations on, give us a call and make a reservation!

On another note, I’m sure all of you know that we got new gift certificates printed not too long before Christmas, since many of you snagged ’em for some lucky foodies out there. 🙂

We still have to do our drawing for our 100th Facebook “like” — and to make up for the delay, the prize for this drawing will be a $30 gift certificate instead of the usual $15. Remember, per our ongoing Facebook Likes Us contest, for every 50 “likes” we get, we do a random drawing. The 100th will be drawn by New Year’s Day. By now we’re well on our way to 150, so thanks again to you all, and keep spreading the word! The more fans we have, the more drawings we’ll do!

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Secret’s Out launch party! We are collaborating with the Taiwanese-American Professionals (TAP-Chicago) group to set up another (even more hardcore!) one, and we’ll extend the Hello New Dish contest for the Hello Kitty tumbler till February.


(announcements) secret’s out launch party & restaurant makeover

It was a long, long weekend of sleeplessness and manual labor: After hours on Sunday night, the boyfriend and I showed up, dressed in “junk clothes,” to help my parents begin the visual transformation from the old, blah Mei Shung into something we hope you will all find much more visually appealing.

Turns out the restaurant, small as it may seem, is actually pretty big. I didn’t get my sweet rendezvous with the Sandman till four in the morning, and after peeling myself off the sheets the next day, immediately found my way back to Mei Shung to continue the job.

Moose and Anthony christening the old blue-grey walls with strokes of “zen” green 🙂

It was over-ambitious to expect the makeover to take place in 24 hours. Not only did we have to paint, but we have other additions to work on over time (which includes new dish ware and artwork), so in the interim, please “pardon our dust”:

What do you think of our new colors?

Once we’ve gotten a little more of our makeover underway (there will be another long night next weekend, I’m sure), I’ll post an article on the before & after — not that we’d like to dwell on the past, but it’s always fun to see how far you’ve come!

Now, for the other exciting bit of news . . . that Secret’s Out launch party I mentioned last time? If you’re keen on tasting the best and most authentic cuisine we’ve got to offer, tickets are on sale now so don’t forget to snag yours:

Secret’s Out All-You-Can-Taste Launch Party:
Thursday, 8 November 2012
Adult tickets $20 (includes tip) in advance, $25 at the door.
Children 12 and under $10.
Food bloggers/press enter for free.
Call us at 773/728.5778 to get on our list now. See our official event on Facebook!

What do you think of our new colors? Leave a comment below!

(special event) mom’s birthday & save the date

Happy birthday to my mom! (She always forgets, but I don’t!)

I thought today would be a great day to release our special save-the-date for our most loyal and foodie friends out there . . .

Stay tuned for further details.

We’re also undergoing a considerable makeover this coming weekend, just in time — so you’ll be able to enjoy the food and check out the new ambience of our restaurant space. Can hardly wait!

Tickets will go on sale within a week. Questions? Comment here or drop us a note on Facebook. (Don’t forget to like us!)

Are you a food blogger? Contact us here for a free ticket to our launch party. 🙂

(special event) divas & dishes

It’s that time of month . . . I’m doing another fun and fabulous style session to help you accessorize your wardrobe, find presents for birthdays or the upcoming holidays, and show you how to earn ridiculous amounts of free jewelry — don’t forget to RSVP if you’d like to sample some of our Taiwanese “small eats”!

(special event) food & fashion

Sorry for my sort-of disappearance. I hope some of you knew we’d have the sense to have a Father’s Day special running last weekend (we know you did!) and you got to enjoy lunch with Pop with us.

I’ve been MIA because of random busy-ness at home in the ’burbs, getting involved with a trillion different things and meeting TONS of new and awesome people, and also because I’ve recently opened a new jewelry business!

This may seem neither here nor there, but I mention it because my mother is hosting a free lunch on Sunday, 22 July with my jewelry show — it’s going to be awesome. And fabulous. You’ll learn some great fashion tips and learn how to use accessorizing to your advantage and dress up your favorite outfits. In fact — feel free to bring your favorite clothes for work, the weekend, or for going out and I’ll give you a hand.

The event is invite-only — which means you need to get your name on the guest list!

Here’s the info. Share it with anyone you know who loves jewelry and fashion — or come by yourself if you’ve got a birthday or anniversary to shop for . . .

request an invitation by e-mail or phone . . . or by commenting here. We’re going green on tickets, so your name on the list serves as admission.