chicago chef week is 18-23 march

My mom’s mom, who still lives in Taiwan, is getting on in years, and hadn’t seen my mother in years. So of course my sister and I strongly encouraged her to go back to Taiwan to visit — it’s an opportunity that shows itself very rarely, what with running the restaurant and all. Mei Shung is open six days of the week, and neither of my parents ever takes a day off (even when they really should).

Anyway, Stephanie and I convinced her to finally pack up and go see Ah-ma (Grandma, that is, in Taiwanese dialect) the week of 20-27 February, which any of you foodies know was precisely the time Chicago Restaurant Week took place.

And anyone who knows my family would know that my mom would rather undergo surgery than have my father manage the restaurant during a brand-new promotion.

So I was unable to sway her into doing our own humble version of Restaurant Week prix fixe specials that week, but those same foodies who may be reading right now would know where I’m heading with this. . . .

Luckily, Chicago Chef Week is starting a month later. (By the way, I yoinked this image from OpenTable.)

It seems to me Chef Week is like the little brother to Restaurant Week, with prix fixe menus at all the swankiest Chicago food joints — and we don’t presume to be as fancy as those big shots, so if you’d like to try a lower-key Chef Week with us, we’ll be featuring optional prix fixe three-course dinners then.

UPDATE: Surprise! I’m releasing the menu now, so take a look! I’m very proud of how quickly I was able to churn this out . . . and a shout-out where credit is due: Thanks to the folks at Personal Projects at the Apple Store out in Oak Brook (where I usually am) for teaching me how to put this stuff together!

Looks like a great deal to me. Stop on by and enjoy a modest Chef Week with us 🙂



some good press

I’ll be frank; Mei Shung has been around for a while (since well before the social media thing took everyone by storm), but it’s still one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets. Until we decided to actually create an Internet presence, you had to really seek out the best place in Chicago for authentic Taiwanese to find us.

So, is Mei Shung any good? I certainly think so. (I won’t even order Chinese from any other place. And, I’m a total foodie. :P) Here’s what customers are saying on the social media networks . . .

“I am so happy my roommate and I found this place. It is the closest thing we can get to her Taiwanese parents’ cooking. The pork-fish ball soup is so good and the beef noodle soup is just like the one I had in Taiwan. I am even happy with their Chinese selection, it’s not greasy like the Chinese takeout around the area and it tastes just as good as Chinatown. The best part is that they deliver” ~ Boon K.

“Hands down the best Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup I’ve had in Chicago!!!  If you’ve been to Taiwan and crave a good ol’ bowl of BNS, you’ve found your little piece of Taiwan here in Chicago!! The onion….cakes are also DELISH!” ~ Daisy Y.

“The food is consistantly reliable, and filling.  I like eating there better than getting it for carry out — though I must say that I’d eat it whenever I can.” ~ Matthew S.

“. . .  We were really impressed with the service and food.” ~ Ashley K.

“The appetizers are worth the whole trip . . .” ~ Charles M.

“I love this place — it’s the only restaurant I’ve found in Chicago that serves authentic Taiwanese food. My grandmother, a wonderful Taiwanese cook herself, comes here consistently as well — a true testament to the quality of this food! The green onion pancakes are not to be missed, along with the fish hot pot and the soft shell crab. It’s a wonderful value and I like the fact that it’s BYOB.” ~ Alice B.

“. . . Nowhere in the city, including in Chinatown, have I been able to find Taiwanese food that was cooked by a Taiwanese chef. It was very similar to the way my mom cooked for me when I was a child. . . .” ~ D. Lin

Have you stopped by lately? Tell us what you thought about your experience with us with a comment below. 😉

Mei Shung

Happy dining!